Avoyelles Hospital is LAB Joint Commission Certified. We strive to deliver high quality care to our patients by maintaining patient safety while also achieving patient satisfaction. These goals are accomplished not only by the quality department, but by an interdisciplinary approach throughout the facility. Everyone deserves quality health care. Fortunately, there are scientific ways to measure health care quality. Avoyelles hospital utilizes these tools to obtain data to continually improve quality care given to our patients. Our staff are trained to follow these standards of care and educated on the analysis of data to improve our care.  Our facility makes every effort to make our hospital safe. We are continually improving patient safety by implementing strategies to prevent complications. As part of our commitment to improving patient satisfaction, Avoyelles conducts ongoing patient satisfaction surveys. These surveys form the basis of our efforts to refine our customer service strategy. 

Contact Information:
Joint Commission – www.jointcommission.org
CMS – www.cms.gov

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact our Quality Director – Claire Ducote, RN, 318-240-6038