Hospitalist Services

When you or your family come to us for care, a physician will be at your service guiding and monitoring treatment while communicating with your personal doctor throughout your stay.

That’s important to know when matters of health REALLY matter!

The Avoyelles Hospital Hospitalist Program Features:

  • 24 hours a day/7 days a week physician coverage
  • Certified Internal Medicine and Family Medicine Physicians
  • Immediate access to a physician upon Emergency admission
  • Visits with patients more than once daily when needed
  • Ongoing communications with patient’s primary care physician or specialist to update on patient’s status and care plan
  • Immediate availability to patient in medical crisis situations
  • More precise and immediate treatment plan application or adjustments
  • Availability to patient’s family members to answer questions concerning treatment and progress
  • Ability to prescribe lab tests or diagnostic imaging as needed
  • Overall coordination of care while patient is in hospital
  • Consulting with primary care physician or specialist upon patient discharge to more smoothly transition patient care.