COVID-19 Total
Antibody Testing

Avoyelles hospital laboratory is happy to announce that beginning monday june 22nd, covid 19 total antibody testing will be performed in-house on the siemens dimension exl analyzer.

This total antibody test will provide the qualitative detection of total antibodies (including igg and igm) to sars-cov-2 in human serum and plasma.

This test has been authorized by the FDA under an emergency use authorization (eua).

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Fact sheet for test recipients

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Mobile MRI Services

CONTACT AVOYELLES HOSPITAL FOR MORE INFORMATION! At Avoyelles Hospital we are committed to giving patients one of the most advanced technologies available today. That’s why we now offer the Signa Highspeed 1.5 Tesla MRI system from GE. This powerful new tool is the...

Nursing Services

MEDICAL/SURGICAL & ICU Nursing services is dedicated to making your hospital stay as comfortable and safe as possible. Medication safety is enhanced through use of computerized medication dispensing cabinets and barcoding of patients armbands and medication to...

Surgical Services

Our Surgery Department includes two surgical suites, a post anesthesia care unit, and a separate suite for endo­scopic procedures. Procedures performed at Avoyelles Hospital include general surgery, ENT, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Plastic Surgery, endoscopies, and...

Hospitalist Services

When you or your family come to us for care, a physician will be at your service guiding and monitoring treatment while communicating with your personal doctor throughout your stay. That’s important to know when matters of health REALLY matter! The Avoyelles Hospital...

Respiratory Care

Cardio Pulmonary Therapy Services Visit the heart specialist at Avoyelles Hospital today for care you can rely on! In each case, the person will most likely receive treatment from a cardio pulmonary therapist under the direction of a physician. The evaluation,...

Laboratory Services

The Avoyelles Hospital laboratory is a fully accredited clinical laboratory which performs clinical testing of blood, body fluid, and tissue for physicians from around the state of LA. Specialty and sub-specialty services includes all areas of the medical spectrum...

Nutritional Services

Nutritional Services Inpatient and Outpatient provided at Avoyelles Hospital Avoyelles Hospital provides inpatient and outpatient dietary consulting for their patients. A registered dietician is available for consults during the patient’s stay or can be scheduled...

Emergency Services

Our Emergency Care Departments are equipped to treat a wide range of emergency illnesses and injuries. To get the care you need as quickly as possible, it's important to seek the right level of care for your situation. Contact: Kenny Bordelon RN, BSN, ER Manager •...

Diagnostic Imaging

Radiology Services Medical images at Avoyelles Hospital are captured using the latest equipment and technology. Our staff is highly trained, and offers professional and friendly services. The equipment and staff at Avoyelles provides images that aid your physician in...

Rural Health Clinic

Find a Family Healthcare Provider in Marksville, LA VISIT THE NEW HEALTH CLINIC AT AVOYELLES HOSPITAL FOR PRIMARY CARE SERVICES If you live in or around Marksville, Louisiana, you know there aren't many health care providers in the region. Avoyelles Hospital has...

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Avoyelles Hospital

Avoyelles Hospital is a licensed 49 bed facility fully accredited by the Joint Commission. We offer a wide array of services including General Medicine, Intensive Care and Telemetry, Radiology, Laboratory, Respiratory Therapy, as well as a highly qualified Emergency Department with 24 hour physician coverage. Our surgical services include General Surgery, Ear, Nose and Throat, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, and Pain Management.

Marksville, Louisiana

The site was recognized on United States survey maps as early as 1809, and the date has been pinpointed by twentieth-century Marksville with festivals celebrating the event. By 1810, the population of the area was recorded as 783 whites; 404 slaves; and 22 free blacks. The 2010 Census reports that Marksville has a population of 5,702.